About us

Favorite Things presents downloadable digital artwork depicting subjects that fill us with joy and delight. These are offered through distinct collections, namely:

  • Ballet and ballerinas - featuring students in studios, dancers' classic poses, and whimsical ballet schools around the world
  • Hawaii lifestyle - featuring the islands' unique environment and laid-back perspective
  • Cat yoga - featuring the endless charming possibilities when you combine this ancient discipline with cats' natural athleticism
  • Japanese kawaii culture - featuring the bright, cute, and lovable spirit that permeates day-to-day Japanese life

If you share our passions, we hope they will captivate and inspire you;If you don't share our passions, we hope that they will at least bring a smile to your face.

As we expand our collections, we will be introducing other favorite things - expressed as artwork in digital or physical form - to further delight you.